Technical Information

Concrete Panel Base Pole peak diameter (mm) Pole bottom Diameter (mm) Pole Weights (kg) MV (medium voltage) Grounding and details Joint poles Single poles (excuse. the basic ion chart for 2.00-fold) Single poles (excuse. 2.21-fold) for the basic ion chart Double poles (excuse. basic rectangular block ion chart for 2.21 fold) Double poles (excuse. 2.21-fold) for the basic ion chart Collective characteristics of the bases (for normal ground) Block base details Possible use of gradual bases Projector pole Transformer pole Transformer platform Crossarm Photos LV (low voltage) crossarms HV (high voltage) Crossarm Weights HV console and LV crossarm Weights The characteristic values of 10mm / m inclined lighting poles Top mounting (single console) Top mounting (double or triple console) Top mounting lighting consoles Side mounting (single or dual console) Side mounting (triple console) Side mounting lighting console Railway poles technical details Technical details Bollard technical details Flagpole