Concrete Crossarms and Consoles

1- Concrete Crossarms and Consoles are produced according to the TSEK certificate.

2- Type and size are shown together in conrete sleepers and brackets. For Example; "T/ 27-200 expression indicates the crossarm being T / 27 type and 200 cm tall.

        In the specification of the types;

 "T" Carrier,

 "N"Final and stopper,

 "KT" Console Carrier

 "KN" Console Final and Stopper,

 "AG"Low Voltage,

 "AK" Lighting Console and

 Abbreviations and pseudonyms such as "PL" Transformer Platform

are used.

 In the transformer platform;

"PL-250"Platform transformers up to 250 kVA,

"PL-400"Platform from 250 kVA up to 400 kVA transformers

 indicate that are they are produced to carry the amount.

 In lighting consoles;

"EC 1x150" 150 cm tall single console,

"EC 2x150" Each 150 cm tall double console,

"EC 3x150" indicates that each of the three consoles are 150 cm tall.

Sleeper Photos

LV (low voltage) crossarms

HV (high voltage) crossarm Weights

HV console and LV crossarm Weights


Crossarm Photos LV (low voltage) crossarms HV (high voltage) Crossarm Weights HV console and LV crossarm Weights