Operating in Eskisehir organized industrial zone, Enton has contributed to numerous important projects in Turkey and continues to do so primarily by centrifuge concrete pole and vibre concrete crossarm production under the brand name of "ENTON". Long lasting concrete poles which are safely used in Turkish State Railways Electrification projects, city utilities and energy transmission lines, highways and street lighting facilities are preferred because they require no maintenance.


Concrete poles and crossarms are manufactured in our factory which is established in Eskişehir organized industrial zone, on an area of 38,000 m2 and 9,000 m2 of closed area. Enton, has the capacity of producing 280 concrete pole per day.


Almost all the concrete poles utilized in the railway electrification projects are manufactured by ENTON and are safely utilized in operation lines. The railway poles offered in electrification projects have reached approximately 75,000 units in the year 2015. As a company, we will continue to contribute to the production of high quality concrete poles for these projects. Having the highest concrete pole production in Turkey, Enton has met almost fifty percent of the country demand by 100.000 tones of production in 2014 and 105.000 in 2013. The employees of Enton consist of experienced individuals who have worked for many years in this industry whereas our investments on the latest technology as well as a work dicipline that never compromises quality has brought us this success and made us an acclaimed brand. ENTON will continue its investments in energy sector.


In addition to production of concrete utility structures, producing electricity through solar panels is the other work field of Enton in the energy sector. The capacity of Enton solar plant is 2550(AC) kWe, 2757(DC) kWp. Enton is aiming to increase its solar plant capacity to MW(AC) from 2.6 MW(AC) in a short time.


ENTON makes use of the resources in the right production areas and continues to contribute to the development of the country. Enton aims to be the honest, innovative, environment and quality friendly leader of the energy industry by using technology in the contemporary level and by designing every investment as an infrastructure of the next.