Concrete Lighting and Camera Poles

1- Concrete Lighting and camera poles are manufactured in accordance with TSEN 40-4 standards.


2- Concrete Lighting and Camera poles are produced with a 10 mm / m inclination.


3-The height of the concrete pole shown in the figure of “A.7 / 1” is 7m and the number of its consoles is 1.


4- In lighting poles with side mounting the space between the two consoles can be made 90 ° to 180 °. The assembly of single, double, triple and quadruple consoles in overhead lighting poles are offered in one piece. The angle between consoles in double consoles is 180 °, in triple consoles 120 °, and in quadriple consoles 90 °.


5- The basic dimensions of the concrete lighting poles are given in the catalog.


The characteristic values of 10mm / m inclined lighting poles Top mounting (single console) Top mounting (double or triple console) Top mounting lighting consoles Side mounting (single or dual console) Side mounting (triple console) Side mounting lighting console