Concrete poles and concrete crossarms are cheap, robust and reliable products which are used in network facilities, lighting networks, power lines and railway electrification projects.

Concrete poles are manufactured in circular cross section and conical shapes.. Their lengths vary between 6 m. to 25 m. and their diameters are made from 135 mm up to 360 mm.

In addition to quality certificates such as TSE, ISO and OHSAS, regular machinery-equipment maintenance and regular control of raw materials makes the quality of Enton become permanent.

The iron used in production is tested for tensile strength both in the manufacturer's laboratory and by our facilities under an independent laboratory sampling procedure, thus the determined criteria for the acceptance of iron in yield and tensile strength are provided.

Physical and chemical properties of cement and aggregates are kept under constant control. Unsuitable raw materials are never used in production. Concrete samples that are taken from production are tested after 1 day, 7 days and 28 days periodically. After centrifuge, the concrete gains strength about 1.25 times. These constant self control methods make ENTON the leader producer of concrete pole in Turkey.

A group of academician from the Istanbul Technical University studied our production for a year within the framework of the Marmaray Project. The prescriptions determined by the committee in the result of this study are currently used in the concrete mixture. As a result of this 1 year associate study, Enton brand concrete poles were estimated to have minimum 60 years of life by the committee in addition to the validation of the durability and sturdiness of our products.


Photo-voltaic(PV) is a technology which can convert light into electrical energy as it is. The best known system of obtaining energy from the sun is to benefit from solar cells. PV cells are protected between glass plates against environmental factors. In order to take advantages of all energy coming from PV’s, forming a whole all the cells connect together by a power source and turn into PV modules(solar panels)

About 100 watts of energy can be produced in a square section of the modules. The models are used together to form the total energy.

The established capacity of Enton Solar Power Plants is 2760 kWp (DC) / 2550 kWe (AC) including Enton SPP1,Enton SPP2 and Enton SPP3. The potential production in the installation area is 1630 kWh/kWp a year. With %86 system performance ration annual production value is approximately 4.250.000 kWh.

Enton aims to grow its established power from 2.5MW(AC) to 5MW(AC) in a short time.

CO2 Emission

1kWh of electricity produced in a solar power plant prevents 1.176 kg of CO2 emmision. Therefore the CO2 emmision prevented by the Enton Solar Power Plants(2.6MW) is 5000tons per year.

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